Collaborate and Elevate.

I will ensure that SOGI education remains a priority so we create a more welcoming and inclusive learning environment for all 2SLGBTQI+ students. This commitment benefits and enhances the educational experience for everyone.

I am committed to fostering open and effective communication between myself and caregivers to better understand the distinct needs of our community.

I will champion active engagement with Indigenous community leaders and families to ensure proper support systems are in place for Indigenous students. Ensure that SD40’s Truth and Reconciliation work is done consistently in partnership with Indigenous communities.

I will work with community organizations, advocates, families, students and professionals to ensure students aren’t left behind.

I will encourage student mentorship programs to enhance the relationship between high school, middle schools, and elementary schools.

I will ensure community access to community space by enhancing our building rental access options so we can achieve this goal, and increase district revenue.

I will advocate for further investments in our teachers as they invest in our children. I will explore what work is being done towards improving staff retention and recruiting by working to make SD40 an employment destination.

I will prioritize and strengthen strategic expansion and facility upgrades in response to increased enrollment and advocate for innovative options like vertical schools in urban areas and schools that have the potential to grow with the population.

I will work with local community organizations, Indigenous leaders and caregivers to address safety concerns. Safety measures should adapt to changing environments while enhancing the District’s Safe School Coordinator’s resources and training.

I will advocate for public participation based programs, such as IPA2, to encourage parents and guardians to actively participate in their children’s educational journey. I want to find ways to bring the opportunities to families instead of families having to come to us.

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